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Think different! Our lab motto...

Ten commandments of biochemistry. We live by those.

The awesome power of yeast genetics; Our mascot.

Some gems from this paper by Arthur Kornberg:

“Do not waste clean thinking on dirty enzymes”

“Do not believe something just because you can explain it”

“Court, Marie, court...”

      -Nicolas Cicconne

Hery’s favorite CD; he goes nowhere without it (even to dinner, like in the picture below!).

Accident or fate? Two former lab members, Mélanie and Véronique, were in the same kindergarden class...

Guess correctly where they both sit (hint!) in this 1979 picture and receive a collector’s edition eppendorf tube autographed by both of them!

                    Then ->


Lab fun! Frank’s leaving party...

Lab fun! Lunch to celebrate Neda’s completion of Master’s degree